Preparing the Professoriate (NCSU)
2015 – 2016
This nationally-recognized program gave me an immersive mentoring, teaching, and future faculty preparation experience.

Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching (NCSU)
2012 – 2015
This program dedicated to teaching excellence provided me training and evaluation to my classroom practice.

Technologies and Pedagogies in the Communication Arts (CRD 704/NCSU)
This graduate seminar gave me the chance the empirically explore how freshmen students at North Carolina State University express their creativity. As a consequence, I was able to find new ways to nurture creativity in my classroom.

Online Teaching (EAC 539/NCSU)
This online course presented the foundations for teaching and engaging students online.

Web Literacies, Digital Knowledge, and Digital Humanities: Theories, Methods, and Tools for Research and Teaching (ISIS 890S/Duke)
This graduate seminar gave me the chance to explore new methods for teaching that take advantages of new information and communication technologies.

Teaching College Communication (COM 585/NCSU)
This graduate seminar explored themes such as clarity, immediacy, feedback, diversity and gave me the foundations for teaching communication courses.